Three Biscuit Thursday

Welcome to Three Biscuit Thursday. This is the only group on earth dedicated to eating biscuits. In multiples of three. On a Thursday. Probably.

As a member of this group you'll never hear the words "you've already had two" or "will you stop eating biscuits and do some work".

Not quite the weekend, and four days into the working week, Thursday is a day of drudgery. But never fear, we're here to help guide you through what could be, without three biscuits – and multiples thereof – the worst day of the week.

Offering practical advice on biscuit eating, how to make the most of 3bt on a tight budget and a whole host of other biscuity top tips, put the kettle on and kick back for a few minutes.

Now where's that biscuit tin?

The law of 3bt

Simple. Biscuits must be eaten in multiples of three on a Thursday.
Why? Just because.

3bt starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59:59. This doesn't mean you have to eat all three biscuits together, simply that you need to tally up before midnight and ensure that you eat an appropriate biscuit supper to bring your daily tally into a multiple of three.

Latest FAQs

Q) I've heard biscuits are dangerous, is that true?
A) Whilst it's true that approximately 400 people each year visit A&E with biscuit related injuries, they are mostly caused by the general ineptness of the biscuit eater. Last year's 400ish people included a lady stabbing herself in the hand whilst trying to remove the Smartie eyes from a gingergread man, a chap who tripped on a chocolate biscuit and fell down the stairs, and someone being hit in the eye with a biscuit.

Q) Are you affiliated with meat free Monday?
A) No. Whilst 3bt is generally a vegetarian activity, this is mainly caused by the lack of a good quality meat biscuit.

Q) Do those little biscuits you get in a café, usually with a cup of coffee, count as one or just half?
A) They count as one, however we recommend atleast six for full satisfaction. If you go to a café on a Thursday and they won't let you have three, let us know and we'll send the biscuit boys round to have a word.


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