Three Biscuit Thursday

Latest FAQs

These are some of the most frequent questions we receive about 3bt. Who thought eating three biscuits on a Thursday could be such a complicated matter.

Q) I've heard biscuits are dangerous, is that true?
A) Whilst it's true that approximately 400 people each year visit A&E with biscuit related injuries, they are mostly caused by the general ineptness of the biscuit eater. Last year's 400ish people included a lady stabbing herself in the hand whilst trying to remove the Smartie eyes from a gingergread man, a chap who tripped on a chocolate biscuit and fell down the stairs, and someone being hit in the eye with a biscuit.

Q) Are you affiliated with meat free Monday?
A) No. Whilst 3bt is generally a vegetarian activity, this is mainly caused by the lack of a good quality meat biscuit.

Q) Do those little biscuits you get in a café, usually with a cup of coffee, count as one or just half?
A) They count as one, however we recommend atleast six for full satisfaction. If you go to a café on a Thursday and they won't let you have three, let us know and we'll send the biscuit boys round to have a word.

Q) Do iced gems count?
A) Absolutely, although three probably isn't going to cut it, unless you're a toddler - in which case please ask permission before helping yourself to the iced gems.

Q) Can I eat Jaffa cakes?
A) See Is it a biscuit?

Q) What's a multiple of three?
A) 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 - if you find yourself needing more than 24 biscuits frequently you may have formed an addiction. Details of The Priory can be found here, but if you do decide to check in, keep Pete Doherty away from the hobnobs.

Q) What if I run out of biscuits when I've eaten two?
A) Most major supermarkets are open until midnight (or all night) on a Thursday. Remember next time to check how many you have before getting started. In an emergency, make your own. Keep butter, sugar, flour and eggs in the house at all times.

Q) It's my birthday, can I eat three slices of cake instead?
A) No. Idiot.

Q) How do I get in touch with the 3bt team?
A) Email us at