Three Biscuit Thursday

Is it a biscuit?

Here, with your help, we'll be clarifying whether those borderline treats are actually a biscuit or not.

The great Jaffa Cake debate

As voted by Sun newspaper readers in 1999 it is a biscuit not a cake, and if it's in the Sun, it must be true. However, 3bt lover GB pointed out that under UK law, for the purposes of VAT, they are cakes. So we decided to let our biscuit loving crew decide in a facebook poll - check out for the latest.

GoAhead, they're biscuits

GoAhead Crispy Slices look like some kind of breakfasty bar – a mix between shortbread and a flat Eccles cake.

The packaging describes them as a biscuit, but they just somehow don’t look like they’ll fit the bill. Interestingly, once we try them, the Crunchy Slices are more biscuity than we thought – they’re really quite, er, crunchy...

And the fact they have lots of fruit at their centre means they’re not bad for us. (Though as you know, biscuits consumed on 3bt have no calorific value*)

They also come in handy individually wrapped three packs, perfect for 3bt.

* Completely unsubstantiated claim